Mères Nature Portrait – Romy

Mères nature, presented by The North Face is a web series created with our friends at Beauvoir and is available right here.

News from Romy, whom you met in our first episode of Mères nature and who is now a mother of two.

Q: How many kids do you have and what are their age(s)?

A: Two kids, Félixe almost 2 years old and Cléo 5 months old

Q: Most memorable family vacation/adventure (good or bad) & why?

A: A short road trip to the sea with baby Cléo before selling our van. Because there is only room for three people, we left Félixe with her grandparents. We had the feeling of living a romantic weekend even if we were with Cléo. Now that we have two children, we realized how easy it was to have only one haha!


Q: Most proud-mom moment?

A: It happens to me often and spontaneously! It’s a feeling that comes without warning and leaves immediately. Kind of like a wave.

Q: Greatest challenge you have accomplished as a mom?

A: The health of my daughters. I’m unmanageable when a little sickness comes into the house and I worry for nothing. My challenge is to remain calm, be present for her and learn to control my worry. Otherwise, I could only make it worse!

Q: Dream family vacation?

A: I dream of the moment when we will ski all four at the same time!

Q: Your greatest mom superpower?

A: Intuition… Sometimes it’s borderline witchcraft!

Q: Your go-to adventure snacks for you & the kid(s)?

A: Muffins with chocolate chips = win!

Q: Your ideal day in nature/outdoor adventure?

A: 22 degrees, sunny with cloudy periods, a little breeze.

Q: Your top 3 MOM-MUST-HAVES for every outdoor outing?

A: In summer: hat, sunscreen and snacks! In winter: mittens (that don’t come off easily), sunscreen and a snack!

Q: Best advice for inspired outdoor mommas?

A: Do not judge.