3 Micro-Adventure Ideas to Break Up Your Routine

If there is one thing that I have realized in the last year, it is that the feeling of going on an adventure is not limited to long trips in foreign countries or multi-day expeditions in the middle of nature. Breaking the routine and heading out into the unknown can be easy and surprisingly accessible thanks to the concept of the micro-adventure.

The Micro-What?

Micro-adventure is a term that was realized in 2010 by Alastair Humphreys, a British adventurer. Simply put, it is an activity that is short, simple, local and affordable, but still fun, exciting, refreshing and takes us out of our comfort zone. It allows us to incorporate spontaneous moments of adventure into our daily lives without needing a mountain of preparation. So I offer you three ideas for micro-adventures to break the rhythm of your weeks!

1. The morning outing

Those who know me will tell you, I am probably the person the farthest from an “early riser” in the world. But there is something about the glassy calmness of a body of water at dawn or the morning glow of the forest that is worth all sleepovers in the world. You don’t have to go very far, it can just be a leisurely walk by the water’s edge, the important thing is to take the time to breathe before the day’s hustle and bustle begins.

My favourite places nearby Montreal include: watching the sun quietly rise over the fields at dawn in Mont Saint-Hilaire and paddling through the mirror-like water of Parc de la Rivière des Mille-Iles.

2. Outdoor Dining

Clearly, one of the best parts of camping is preparing a well-deserved meal after a day of activities. Why not include an activity like this on your Thursday night? Prepare your groceries, find a quiet spot and showcase your best outdoor culinary skills. Bonus point if you cook it all over a campfire or if you incorporate freshly picked ingredients into your recipe! You don’t have to go very far or complicate your life, and it’s a perfect activity for a fun date night.

My favourite places near Montreal: watching the sunset while enjoying a homemade meal at the Cap-Saint-Jaques nature park, or just in the backyard of a friend’s!

3. A Night of Camping

One night of camping during the week combines a little bit of everything we are talking about in this list! Often, by looking a little, we manage to find places where camping is possible within 30 minutes of home. Once again, no need to go to the depths of the Gaspé to feel out of place! We finish the workday, we pick up the tent, the burner and the sleeping bag and we allow ourselves to relax and take a break outside, even in the middle of the week. The advantage of this is that even the campsites that are full until the fall often have availability on Tuesday or Wednesday evening, so we can allow ourselves a little more spontaneity!

My favourite place near Montreal: The Boucherville Islands National Park for its accessibility and the tranquillity of its camping spaces.

At the end of the day, all it takes is a little effort to experience magical moments near your home and energize your daily life!