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Formulaire - Marin Wildside - BC

    Having read the Chèvres de Montagne cancellation policy, I accept the terms and conditions. If more than two sessions have to be postponed due to the weather, they will not be resumed or reimbursed.
  • Acceptation des risques

    As participants in Mountain Goats activities, I recognize and accept that the practice of sport involves inherent risks, regardless of the level of supervision of the personnel as well as the level of skill and experience of the participant, in particular, but not limited to: • physical injuries, particularly due to a fall or improper movement, such as sprains, strains, fractures, dislocations, etc .; • injuries resulting from accidental or non-accidental contact between participants, which could lead to loss of life; • injuries caused by an object located in the Aptitude Recreation and Sports Center, such as equipment, etc. In addition, the Mountain Goats disclaim any liability that may arise from the loss, theft or breakage of personal equipment during the activities or outings of the Mountain Goats. I agree to assume full responsibility for any bodily, moral or material damage resulting from the inherent risks or dangers and agree to release and exonerate the Aptitude Recreational and Sports Center from all liability for any bodily, moral or material damage that may arise. arise from it. Responsibility of the participant I undertake to comply with the safety instructions in place as well as any additional directives mentioned by the staff of the Mountain Goats. In addition, I undertake to exercise the activities offered by Mountain Goats according to my level of skill. Responsibility of parent / guardian / caregiver Les Chèvres de Montagne is a group that mainly caters to people aged 18 and over. If, however, a minor registers for a Mountain Goat activity, the parent / guardian / person in charge undertakes to provide adequate supervision to the child and recognizes the risks inherent in Mountain Goats activities and accepts them. Failure to respect the rules and safety instructions during Mountain Goats activities, at the sole discretion of the staff, may result in immediate expulsion without reimbursement.
    J’accepte que l’on utilise mon image et les photos prises lors de l’événement à des fins de communication sur les différentes plateformes des Chèvres de montagne (Facebook, Instagram, Infolettre, Site web).